Pet Acoustics has helped thousands of pets worldwide for over 15 years for separation anxieties, thunderstorm nerves, sensory activity and for the general well-being of dogs, cats, horses, and birds. Breakthrough research by Pet Acoustics on the acute hearing sense of animals has created a series of  species specific music, conceived by Janet Marlow, composer and researcher.

Pet Tunes

Pet Tunes is a mobile Bluetooth Personal speaker pre-loaded with special frequency modulated music clinically tested and proven to reduce stress and calm pet anxiety for dogs, cats, horses or birds. Rechargeable battery that lasts 5-10 hours; built in repeat mode. Calms pets during home alone time, thunderstorms, for travel and training session. Listen to samples and test the results on your pet...

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“If you don’t want to leave your pets at home alone or you feel guilty…and you want them to relax, you play this music.”

Scientifically designed by Pet Acoustics to cater to the cats hearing…relaxing music for your cats and your dogs too will enjoy it.”  

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