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About Pet Acoustics

“When we hear that we've helped resolve customer pet issues, that's music to our ears!"

Janet Marlow, Founder



Pet Acoustics is part of a new awareness of the complex needs of our pets for well-being.

The challenge is to understand how pets communicate stress and how to measure the results to benefit each animal. The Pet Acoustics team is striving to innovate products that become lifestyle tools for pet parents to provide the best care.




Pet Acoustics offers a unique range of innovative species-specific products based on pet hearing sensitivities.

Internationally recognized composer, researcher and sound behaviorist, Janet Marlow's breakthrough research has helped thousands of pets and pet parents to resolve sound-triggered stress behaviors.


About the Founder

The inventor of Species-Specific Music (1997) has been honored with the Pet Age 2017 Women of Influence Award.

M.A. Sound Behaviorist, author and researcher, Janet Marlow, is known internationally for her contribution to the understanding of pet hearing sensitivities and how sound and music affect the behavior of dogs, cats, horses and birds. She has been featured on Animal Planet, CNN, Martha Stewart, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal and as a guest speaker at the Western Veterinary Conference.

Janet Marlow is a 5th generation composer. Her performance career in classical and jazz include Lincoln Center, Festival Estival De Paris, The Apollo, Carnegie Hall and the Blue Note. 

Pet Acoustics Founder, Janet Marlow with companion, Rigby.

Pet Acoustics Founder, Janet Marlow with companion, Rigby.


Pet Acoustics Inc. is a proud member of International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, American Pet Products Association, Fear Free Preferred Product ProgramBroadcast Music Inc., the Authors Guild, Library of Congress and is endorsed by The Good Dog Foundation.