Our Story

Since 2009 Pet Acoustics’ innovations have helped thousands of pets and owners worldwide with products clinically tested and approved by veterinarians to promote pet wellness.

Sound Behaviorist Janet Marlow, M.A., is internationally recognized for her contribution to the understanding of acute hearing in our pets and the importance of sound as a trigger for behavior. Marlow's findings have been featured on Animal Planet, CNN, Martha Stewart, Good Morning America, in The New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Janet is internationally known for her stage career and recordings on the ten-string guitar (classical and jazz).  Venues include Lincoln Center, The Apollo, Carnegie Hall and the Blue Note. Festivals include Texaco Jazz Festival and Festival De Paris. Marlow also appeared in Woody Allen's 1998 film, Celebrity, and performed the score for the Sundance award-winning film, Swimmers.

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Janet has been a featured speaker at the Western Veterinary Conference and obtained a co-branding partnership with Nestle® Purina® Friskies® 2011–2012, establishing Friskies® Cat Acoustics.

Pet Acoustics Inc. is a member of APPA, BMI, Library of Congress and is endorsed by Leader Dog for the Blind