Mother's Day

It was a day of surprises! Mother to two great men, Colin and Ross, completely surprised me by walking into the restaurant where I was, arranged by my beautiful daughter-in-law, Cassie, as a gift. Joy and love of being together permeated the delicious Mother's Day Brunch. Back at home, my husband, Alan and I took a four mile walk with our great boy, Rigby ( an English Springer Spaniel) talking about the fulfillment of family and love. As the day set, we sat in our backyard looking at our woods and Rigby became as still as a rock. "Funny, have never seen that black stump before!" OMG, that stump has ears!! Following, was twenty minutes of Momma bear and her 2 cubs enjoying our land in calm and smooth movements as I've ever seen. One bent bird feeder with not much seed after the day of birds feasting disappointed the cubs. Momma gave the silent signal to check out the neighbors across the street and off they went. To be honest, I was terrified at first but then the exhilarating encounter with a Momma bear and two cubs after the heart-filled day with my own 2 son's made the best Mother's Day Ever!