Bird Dog

Rigby is our first English Springer Spaniel. His birthday is May 27th and he'll be three years old. We've been training him in different classes and reinforcements in what I call 'daily puppy school' and agility sessions which we both love to do. I'm not a hunting advocate but because Rigby is a Springer, birding is at the core of his instincts. Today we went to a dog whisperer, John Boyles in Pine Plains, NY to do Rigby-Unleashed to his inner self. It was amazing to see Rigby, first click in to John's whisperer ways as I was now invisible as he had the birds! Watching John work with him was a new learning for both us and seeing Rigby reveal his true self in the field was just beautiful. Lesson: Humans..shouldn't we be allowing this for ourselves? Go find your whisperer and go run in the field!  It was a good day for Rigby. Smiles..Janet Marlow