Feral Cats

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to the Greater New Haven Cat Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization. GNHCP provides lost cost spay/neuter assistance to people who are caring for feral, stray, or abandoned cats. This straight forward statement doesn't do justice to the folks within this organization who do this: go out into the streets to help stray cats get brought into a their shelter, feed and provide shelter for them on the streets in the New Haven area and bring the cats to veterinarians, and hep get them get adopted into homes.  Human dedication with heart and smiles knowing they helped.

I gave a talk on animal hearing sensitivities and specifically how to help the cats appease stress in shelters with Pet Tunes Feline music. There were delightful young kids there whose shining personalities added to the joy of being with these folks and sharing the importance of acknowledging hearing as a trigger for behavior in different environments. My dog "Rigby" joined me in the talk to share in the human interaction with licks and wags.

It's in these humble groups of humans, that I continue to underline that some of the best human progress on the planet is the movement of generous-of-heart care for animals.