Pet Acoustics can lower your vet bill

Pet Acoustics can lower your vet bill

We've been researching the cost value of de-stressing pets with Pet Tunes and the Ultra Calmer Collar and our anecdotal evidence supports that by using our products,  pets have been able to replace medications and therefore reduce veterinary costs. Here are comments from pet parents, trainers and veterinarians.

"I have had this collar for about 3 years. My dog has separation anxiety and noise induced anxiety. I have always found this collar to work well for him, much better than a thunder vest, at least for him. This collar helps him to be easier consoled now that he is no longer on anxiety medication. Once I put this collar on he simply just finds a quiet place and goes lays down."

"My cat usually cries most of time during our 9 hour car trip. The speaker plus Feliway spray worked great. No more medications from the vet. The speaker was so helpful in keeping her calm. It was very easy to use, held the charge for 9+hours of continuous play, & I could turn volume low enough that front seat passengers didn't hear. It was well worth it for peace & quiet! Would highly recommend."

"I am the operations manager for 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman, Montana. We purchased the canine speaker from Amazon for our patients who are stressed out, especially during acupuncture or laser therapy, and have had such great response. Better than heavy medications."

"There are so many products on the market to help with dog anxiety. We tried a few medications from our vet with costs adding up quickly. It is a great product and helps with our dog's anxiety! We use it constantly since! When we are not home, when we travel with the dogs, at the cabin in the dog's area, in the car, etc! You can plug it in and play it non-stop or charge it up for a long car ride! We have found it to be a MUST HAVE product for our dog family! We also purchased one for our Cat!"

"Just want to tell you how much I love the ultra calmer collar. Life was hell during fireworks and thunderstorms and I felt so bad for her. The rescue remedy worked a little and I hated to drug her during the month of July because of fireworks.NOW when she hears the hard rain hitting the window she comes to me for her collar and just goes off and lays down. She loves her collar. I want you to know I tell everyone who is in need to see your website."

"My dog has had issues with separation anxiety ever since she was a puppy (and she is now almost 6). This year her anxiety has gotten worse and now includes thunderstorms, fireworks, and similar noises. I have tried the special shirts, essential oils, and a couple of different medications the vet wanted us to try. We were ready to try heavy duty drugs when I saw this music cube and read the reviews. I was both skeptical and hopeful when I ordered it. I checked out the cube when it arrived and found that it is very compact and can go very loud. The first morning I tried it I was shocked. My dog normally starts barking as soon as I go out the door. That morning I walked to my car, started it, put the window down, started backing out, and all I heard was silence!"

"The past week Pet Tunes for Canine (Dogs), Pet Tunes for Feline (Cats) has received glowing feedback from Gold Coast Veterinary Hospitals. Hospitals report Pets hearing Pet Tunes music in post-operative recovery and treatment phase allowed vet nurses to handle animals that normally are so stressed were calm and easily handled while administered care. Pet owners who should be aware there is a better way to treat anxiety than a rush to medication."

"Wow - would never have believed how effective this product is if I had not witnessed the effect first hand. Recommended by our pet sitter - we are forever grateful. Two of our four dogs have serious storm anxiety and this little machine calms them instantly. better than drugs."

"I've been training dogs for nearly 30 years, have tried every products on the market and seen dogs medicated for so many emotional un-balances. I've tried many products and have noted that even medication can have no affect on a dog's condition. In my ongoing quest for products that help dogs to relax, I bumped into this cube on a dare: A friend popped one in my bag and say JUST TRY IT! So I did: I went home and powered it up while I was editing one of my books. I found it quite relaxing, but nothing and I mean nothing prepared me for what I saw when I turned around! My two kids, and four dogs were lollying about blissfully on the couch. The rest is history! Since then I've been a Pet Acoustics groupie. I recommend these cubes to my clients and use them in my house (with both dogs and children) to signal naps and quiet time. I suggest them whenever my clients dogs have emotional upsets; expressed with excessive barking or destructive chewing, or to calm phobias like storm and separation anxiety. This little box and now her latest acoustic collar have improved the lives of some many dogs! Thank you!"