Helping Animal Shelters

Animal shelters and the dedicated people who volunteer and work there are to be applauded everyday. They make the transition-wait into a fur-ever home as loving and helpful as possible for each dog and cat no matter what the history.

Recently, we went to visit the Danbury Animal Welfare Society in Bethel, CT. We brought our Pet Acoustics music speakers to share with the volunteers and shelter director to show the value of de-stressing the environments in each part of the shelter with our music. With the positive results heard, we got the green light to come back with our team to outfit the shelter with Pet Tunes. This short video shares with you the experience of setting up our Pet Acoustics music to help the animals and their stress levels diminish at DAWS.ORG.

If you work with an animal shelter or would like to gift Pet Tunes to a shelter, we offer a 15% discount on our Pet Tunes speakers: Apply CODE: RESCUE.