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  • Winter Walk0:42

  • Home Together0:48

Soft and gentle good feeling music fills my home with my cats and dogs who love to listen; I love it too!. Carol. B --Carol. B

This new CD is simply amazing!! It actually touched me at such a deep level that I had tears spilling onto my cheeks. The tears were those of joy and love for my special pack. This music seems to somehow connect animals and humans in a way that I cannot explain. Perhaps it's a universal language of sorts. My dogs literally MELTED when the music began. They both chose their spots for the next hour and spread their joy they way they always do. Each piece is so unique - a few with tiny hints of favorite holiday tunes - and all composed with such sophistication and compassion. As a pet professional, I work with all kinds of canine temperaments and Janet Marlow's CDs composed for pets are the only ones I find that have the therapeutic effects to bring balance to pets in our world of chaos. I've been playing this new Holiday CD continuously since receiving it about a month ago. I love all of her pet CDs but I have to say, this is certainly one of her best. I will never tire of it and neither will my pets. It will no doubt bring joy to both you and your pets. --H. Helt

Janet Marlow has provided us with a wonderful CD of healing. I have listened to three tracks and have ordered the CD with great anticipation. My dogs and I chilled out... connected..communed...then went for a very centered walk in the woods - making for a wonderfully relaxing morning for a very harried mom and social worker. My goal is to have this CD as part of my morning ritual everyday. Beautiful and inspiring work! A must have for those of us who live with dogs... Kate Nicoll, MSW, author of Soul Friends:Finding Healing with Animals --K. NicollType your paragraph here.

 Pet Acoustics Holiday music comes pre-loaded on a 1GB Micro SD card to insert into your Pet Tunes and as a CD collection to gift a veterinarian, shelter, pet sitter or pet lover friend.  $25.00 with s&h  

Enjoy Relaxation Music for the Holidays for your family, two legged and four legged, for a gentle and calm atmosphere during the holiday season. These original orchestrations composed by Janet Marlow are designed with canine and feline hearing sensitivities in mind. High frequencies and jarring volumes are agitating to dogs and cats and have therefore been eliminated from the music. The music is designed for pet lover listening too! This special collection of music will bring a joyous atmosphere to your home, a veterinarian office, an animal shelter or as a gift for pets and pet lovers to enjoy all throughout the holiday season.  All tracks composed and performed on ten string guitar by Janet Marlow BMI, Library of Congress

Track Listings

1. Home Together
  2. Family and Friends
  3. Candles
  4. Treats
  5. Winter Walk
  6. Stuffed toys
  7. Dreams of Olde
  8. Crystal Evening
  9. A Favorite Place
  10. Good Company featuring Alan Brennan on violin
  11. Peace on Earth

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