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Scientific Methods

Leaders in the field of sonic solutions for animal well-being.


Species-Specific Music

Naturally profound.


The science behind Pet Acoustics products is a special process in which frequencies and decibel levels are modified for acute pet hearing sensitivities. Providing ideal sonic environments for pets is a natural and profound method that minimizes stress and balances behavior. The results are measurable and repeatable.

Species-Specific Music: Principle Clinical Studies by Janet Marlow, M.A. Sacred Heart University.


Clinical Studies

What pets hear matters.




Used by doctors to calm pets in need.


Dr. Jason Berg
Animal Specialty Center

The speaker system and music has been amazing for our pets in the hospital, they've been calmed and heal better quicker because it's less stress for them.

Dr. Heather Loenser
Crown Veterinary Specialists

I've found the best music out there. The frequencies are designed to calm down dogs and it's clinically proven to work within five minutes. I adore this.

Dr. Dale Krier
Creature Comfort Mobile Veterinary Clinic

The most wonderful discovery in my career. With pet anxiety issues, it's a great tool. Every animal benefits in my practice.

Dr. Bob Beede
Intermountain Pet Hospital

We have had great results in our clinic. One dog, blind and diabetic, barked incessantly. With Pet Acoustics, he relaxed and fell asleep. The same applied to several cats with a history of being tough—they relaxed as well.

Dr. Tony Kramer, DVM
Kremer Veterinary Services

Lots of pets have anxiety when left alone or during a thunderstorm. The Ultra Calmer emits very calming music which is supposed to be scientifically proven to actually relax them. Play Pet Tunes when you're not there.

Dr. Laura Carey
Litchfield Veterinary Hospital

Pet Acoustics music for dogs and cats has a significant calming effect on our hospitalized patients. We have found it helps to reduce their anxiety while away from their families.


Proudly Serving Pets

Help yours relax when they need it most.