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​​​​​Pet Tunes Bluetooth speaker is pre-loaded with special frequency modified music
clinically tested and proven to reduce stress and calm pet anxiety.

Pet Tunes Video Tutorial

Pet Tunes for Dogs  

Pre-loaded with 90 minutes of original calming music  
Battery charge up to 8 hours 
Music pre-loaded on a Micro SD Card
USB charging cable/ 1/8 inch input chord included
Easy click-on to play
Up / Down volume controls
Includes lanyard to hang Pet Tunes anywhere​

Speaker Dimensions: L 50-MM D 50-MM W 50-MM
Speaker Weight: 130g
Output: RMS3W  THD = 10%
Frequency Response: 150-18000HZ ( =-3DB)
Signal and Noise Ratio of Power Amplifier: >=80dB
Loud Speaker: 1.77 (external diameter 45mm)
Magnetic resistance 4 Ohms
Line In/5 V: USB power supply, audio input

Pet Tunes for Birds 


Pet Tunes for Horses  

Pet Tunes for Cats   


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            Pet Tunes Instructions

The unit comes with a minimal battery charge when purchased. To completely charge, gently connect the small end of the Charging Cord into the Line-In port. Be sure to carefully insert, as not to damage the port. Connect the USB end to your device, computer or USB wall adapter. The Indicator glows red while charging. When the red light turns off, your Pet Tunes is fully charged. A full charge normally takes two hours. Once disconnected from power, the unit will continuously play Pet Acoustics Music up to 8 hours. To play 24/7, leave connected to a USB wall adapter. If the unit starts to skip that is when it needs to be charged again.

Press the center button in the rear of the unit until you hear a series of tones, indicating your Pet Tunes is now in Pairing Mode. The blue light will Flash quickly during pairing. Go to the Bluetooth® settings on your device, select BLUETOOTH® Pet Tunes or MD6BT and follow your devices instructions. You will hear the same tones when it is connected. If your device asks for a PIN, enter 0000.

If you have any questions contact: Pet Acoustics Office  860.459.8000 EST or write to sales@petacoustics.com Let us know how you and your pet are enjoying Pet Tunes! Thank you for your purchase. We love our customers and offer the best we can for pets and their people.
The Pet Acoustics Team!