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"So I put my Pet Acoustics Bird Pet Tunes out on the porch every day with my Finches and have noticed I am also attracting more wild birds too. Yesterday came home to find this one peeking in the back door!"

And another Pet Acoustics testimonial. "Sadie listens to her music box ever day! She is still in her crate from 8 o'clock until noon and I truly believe she loves her music." -CH

'Dasha" Playing with our Cat Play Activity iPad App (iTunes)

"My 14 year old 3 legged golden retriever Norm loves his pet tunes! This was taken during a pretty substantial thunder storm!"

   Pet Reviews

“Have a dog with SERIOUS separation anxiety. I tried thunder shirt, calming treats, calming fluid, etc; this works. She's not 100% okay with me leaving, but the difference when I come back is astounding. She used to take an hour or so to calm down once I came home; now, she takes about five minutes to work it out. She is also less pathetic when I do leave. She still barks, but she used to wail. I love this thing!! I also use it when I am home with her and she's amped up; it brings her right to my lap for a quick snooze.”

“I could not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I own two very rambunctious pooches. Sometimes when I am trying to finish up my online work for the night, they would rather play and jump all over me.... This box plays music that even I enjoy and within minutes my two girls are laying at my feet as calm as can be. I am definitely going to take this when I travel with them. It is a great size for that too!”

Just a short note to let you know that we had to put our beloved Higgins, II to sleep last week.  I know you know how we feel and I can only tell  you that the Pet Tunes are the only things giving Bentley some solace.  He’s totally lost without his brother and keeps looking from room to room and in the yard for Higgie.  Breaks my heart to watch but then when I see him go to such a relaxed and deep sleep with Pet Tunes, I know we’ll be ok.  Once again, many thanks for your product. Pat F”

"Pet Acoustics its effectiveness has far exceeded my expectations.  My dog, Yappy Doo, and I both thank you for making Pet Acoustics available to us."

"We received the player and it is wonderful.  It puts our cat to sleep too, even when she is busy interfering in our computer time.  Thanks.Janet Marlow composes Pet Acoustics music for pets, especially those left alone. Her company Pet Acoustics creates music for animals who are stressed, kennels or left alone. Hmmm... I thought, but when I received my Pet Tunes I slide it in and hit play. Stay tuned for a photo spread of the result... 4 sleeping dogs (and 1 mellowing pet owner, me, looking on in disbelief). Needless to say I leave the music playing whenever I go out. When Dogs Talk Trainer, Sarah Hodgson"

"I bought your music for my Aunt, living in Texas, who adopts dogs and she said your music is very calming to Lexee (White Chow) and James (red chow) during thunderstorms.  Again, thank you for the love for pets that you show through your compassion and your music."For Dogs and CatsI played one of your music yesterday and had great results. While at work in the veterinary hospital, trying to calm a dog with a giant brain tumor, I decided to pop in Pet Acoustics, which I keep on hand at this emergency and specialty group animal hospital. It had an immediate calming effect, thank you. He had been anxious, whining and pacing all morning. Homer, as well as the hospital staff thank you Janet."

“Enthusiastic, high energy describes my sweet Aussie puppy, and listening toPet Acoustics I watched him fall into deep REM sleep - and the feat is repeatable. Other relaxation music stimulated him. This music relaxes him - now THAT represents a five star endorsement. Thank you, Janet Marlow, for researching dogs' hearing and for your mastery in music! I am so happy to provide a gift of relaxation for my puppy who provides such joy for me.”“

" have two cats and two puppies that love to listen to this music over and over day or night. There are a lot of interesting noises within the music that are very pleasant and calming to animals and no loud annoying sounds or voices to scare them.”“Janet Marlow has provided us with a wonderful music of healing. I have listened to three tracks and have ordered the music with great anticipation. My dogs and I chilled out... connected..communed...then went for a very centered walk in the woods - making for a wonderfully relaxing morning for a very harried mom and social worker. My goal is to have this music as part of my morning ritual everyday. Beautiful and inspiring work! A must have for those of us who live with dogs...” Kate Nicoll, MSW, author of Soul Friends:Finding Healing with Animals“a godsend for anxious pets, this music helped us and our noise-phobic dog through some nasty, window-rattling thunderstorms. it's not a magic bullet (hey -- what is?), but it has on multiple occasions helped ebb the panting, drooling, and pacing of our lovable but wimpy 83-pound wonder dog. it's even helped me fall asleep on those nights when my brain resisted resting.we are NOT fans of new-age music, but the sounds of the music are really quite unobtrusive; it's almost like the music is playing to your subconscious.we ordered the music on a whim after seeing the composer/performer on "animal planet." i'm happy to report that we love the music.”

”This new music is simply amazing!! It actually touched me at such a deep level that I had tears spilling onto my cheeks. The tears were those of joy and love for my special pack. This music seems to somehow connect animals and humans in a way that I cannot explain. Perhaps it's a universal language of sorts. My dogs literally MELTED when the music began. They both chose their spots for the next hour and spread their joy they way they always do. Each piece is so unique - a few with tiny hints of favorite holiday tunes - and all composed with such sophistication and compassion. As a pet professional, I work with all kinds of canine temperaments and Janet Marlow's music composed for pets are the only ones I find that have the therapeutic effects to bring balance to pets in our world of chaos. I've been playing this new Holiday music continuously since receiving it about a month ago. I love all of her pet music but I have to say, this is certainly one of her best. I will never tire of it and neither will my pets. It will no doubt bring joy to both you and your pets.”“I just purchased all three products and play this incredible music daily to benefit my horses, dogs and me - we absolutely love it! I've recommended it highly to several of my horse, dog and cat friends.”“I now own all of your music." 

"I own 3 doggie daycare and pet hotels in Chicago, IL. I plan to play the music for the pets to enjoy as much as I did at the PSI conference. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us. You are truly a master of the 10-string guitar. Having never seen one before, thank you for sharing that first time experience. Please keep doing what you do! Make more music and I promise to play it for all of the lucky pets that come into our lives. Than k you for allowing me to play your music for the ones I love!” Take care! Joseph Giannini PSI Member Urban Out Sitters Chicago, IL“I am thrilled with the music I bought Pet Acoustics. . I bring the music on all my home visit appointments (massage and Reiki) for all dogs. It really creates a relaxing atmosphere. I will soon be opening my new facility in Waltham called AquaDog. We offer massage and hydrotherapy for pets. I have already purchase speakers in the poolroom because I am convinced that this music will help relax the dogs in the pool. I can't wait to get the Christmas music!” Sincerely, Pam Tewes“I have four dogs. Two of them are rescued and came to us with issues. Your music is  relaxing to them when I have to leave and put them in their crates. I call cages and they go by themselves to their each individual crate. There is never a sound when I come home as they are all laying down very calm.”

“Music was so soothing to my dog, Miles. No matter how much running around he did before it was time for me to do yoga, he always came to my yoga mat, found a spot and after listening to a few moments of the soothing music, he would invariably be totally relaxed, on his back, with his tummy exposed, legs up…in a deep sleep. Never failed! When he saw the yoga mat and the music, he ran immediately to his “spot” knowing it was our time to relax.” Dr. Dale V. Atkins, PhD author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life, Avon / HarperCollins Publisher“

" I believe  Music for Dogs or Cats has a significant calming effect on our hospitalized patients. We have found it has helped to reduce their anxiety while away from their families.” Dr. Laura Carey, Litchfield Veterinary Hospital “

"Patti Moran's have been offering Pet Acoustics Music Series for close to 2 years. I have heard many good comments from Professional Pet Sitters about how well the pets are relating to the music and what an important part this is playing in the well-being of the pets under their care. Thank you Janet, for caring so much to develop this music for our fur-friends.” LaMyra Haynes, Manager, Pet Sitters International“

"I have a beautiful dog named Opal who I rescued last year and who happens to have serious separation anxiety. She had to be crate trained because my husband and I have come home to many messes, shoes chewed up, blinds torn down, pillow feathers thrown all around to name a few. When it’s time to leave the house, I tell her to “kennel up” and she goes in, but when I shut the door she looks at me with those sad eyes and cries. Now, I have the music playing in her room and I tell her to go in but she doesn’t cry now! I even came back once to check on her, she was sleeping in the crate with the music playing softly!”“relaxed. As the music continued 2 of our other cats climbed on the chair and went to sleep. It was very fascinating to witness how each of their personalities reacted. Congratulations on a fine product that will help animals all over the world. I hope to purchase the one for Pets and Humans soon. I wish you much success!” Debbie​

" Your music is so beautiful. Thank-you for offering it to all of us. I know my clients (furry clients too) will benefit greatly from your lovely music. :-) “Blessings, Linda Utz in Alabama Innovative Products for Your Pet's  Sensory World of Birds.Our bird “Baby” does seem at times calmer and sometimes excited by listening to his music depending on the track that is on at the moment. The biggest result I see is he is no longer pulling his feathers out at all. I am not sure what this means but I am happy for it. The music is delightful. I do put the music on at least once a day for Baby. Thank you! " L.F."

"Both my Nanday Conure and my Mitred Conure truly enjoyed Pet Acoustics music.. Ratchet started to sing one of her favorite melodies called "Sing Merry Christmas!" as soon as she heard the first cut of the music (which meant that she was very happy). My Nanday, Farley, was bopping her head up and down to the music. They really seemed to enjoy the whole CD! Thanks, Janet!"

"I wanted to write to let you know of how your equine music performed this past week.  I just completed a 50 hour certification for equine sports massage through Equissage.  We spent so many hours practicing our massage on the horses in this one particular barn.  We did not play any music all week.  However, we started talking about your music for my cats and the instructor let us know that she had your equine version.  We decided to play it for our final exam on Friday.  The horses were so relaxed that the mare I was massaging actually feel asleep (I mean her knees buckled and she came close to going down on the ground until I woke her up).  These horses are used to being massaged all of the time, but the massage in conjunction with the music apparently set the perfect atmosphere.  The instructors and students were amazed. I am going to go online today and buy the equine cd.  I already know how well your music works for cats!  Also, there were 2 women from Kentucky in my class so you will most likely see orders from them in the future.  I just thought you would like to know what a big hit your music was for everyone!  K.O."

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