Baby n' Kitty Tunes

Baby n' Kitty Tunes


Provide an ideal sonic environment for your baby while introducing your pet, with classic nursery arrangements modified for sensitive infant and toddler ears for sleep time, nap time or travel.  Perfect for baby's bedroom, travel, carriage walks, pediatric visits and daycare. Makes a thoughtful baby shower gift. Recommended for newborn to three years old.

While your pet is getting used to baby cries, new scents and activity around baby help you pet feel soothed and calmed with their own Pet Tunes. It’s important that your pet’s first introduction to the baby is positive and non-threatening. Allow your pet to investigate the new baby and reward him/her for good behavior so they develop a positive association with the baby. Don't be surprised if your cat goes into hiding when the baby arrives – this is common.It’s a good idea to have a quiet room to which your cat can escape and have Pet Tunes Feline music playing.

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Within 60 minutes of arranged classic nursery songs are sounds of nature and heartbeats to soothe your baby. With Bluetooth® you can play additional baby music on any compatible device. Download any white noise track from iTunes if desired. Adjust control play/volume functions right from your device in Bluetooth mode. Baby Acoustics Music is pre-loaded on a Micro TF card which contains the special baby music, designed by renowned Sound Behaviorist, Janet Marlow.

Baby Tunes is a parent tool and not an infant toy. Contains small parts.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, London Bridge, Kumbaya, Over the Rainbow, Are You Sleeping, Greensleeves, You Are My Sunshine, Danny Boy, Brahm's Lullaby, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Ocean Waves