Fit Tunes Dogs

Fit Tunes Dogs


Music to Walk, Run & Play By

Engage active behaviors for walks and playtime with Fit Tunes — portable, upbeat music with dog-centric sounds that stimulate activity through canine hearing alertness. Get their paws moving naturally for entertaining walks, runs and playtime.

How It Works
Fit Tunes music is based on the study of tempos in canine movement by award-winning Sound Behaviorist and composer, Janet Marlow. Each lively track is ornamented with squeaky toys, whistles, human praises, nature and more. Clip to your dog’s leash, a belt or bag and you’ll be moving, too!

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Diminishes Reactive Behavior

Rythm Helps Lessen Pulling

More Entertaining Walks

Artboard 1

95 Minutes of Music

Artboard 2

Portable and Lightweight

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Clip to Leash, Belt of Bag

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Bluetooth® Compatible

When Finn would see a diesel truck on our walks, he would act like he wanted to attack it.  With Fit Tunes music, he was aware but calm. When a jogger went by, again no antics — just calm, like he was in a happy little bubble.  Fit Tunes is a game changer!
— Jane S.V
I created Fit Tunes for Dogs for a new experience during daily walks and playtime. On average we walk our dogs approximately 11,000 times, so changing it up is a good thing. Apart from the pep in your dog’s step, you’ll see benefits such as less reactive behaviors for healthier and happier exercise with your best friend.
— Janet Marlow, Sound Behaviorist and Composer


Contains a built-in lithium battery.

Bluetooth® Version 3.0
Working Distance 10–25 m
Unit weight 5 oz / 142 g
Unit size 87.6 × 80 × 47 mm / 3.45 × 3.15 × .28 in
Normal play time (2) Hours
Battery 3.7V 800 mAh Mah
Charging 5V/500mA
Frequency response 120 Hz-18Khz


  • User manual

  • Speaker unit pre-loaded with Pet Acoustics musicon a TF card

  • USB charging cord

  • Metal clip

  • (3) Month limited warranty

Fit Tunes is not intended for use when your dog is home alone. For home alone calmess, check out Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes. Always check with your veterinarian about your dog’s health before integrating an exercise program.