Pet Tunes Holiday

Pet Tunes Holiday


Pet Tunes Holiday is the perfect gift for this season for your holiday pet list! Pet Tunes Holiday Bluetooth speaker is pre-loaded with 14 tracks of holiday spirited music designed for dog and cat hearing to soothe them during a high energy time of year. Portable for travel and a great gift for veterinarians, groomers and pet-sitters. Additional to the speaker, you will receive a Santa squeaky toy for dogs and a feathered holiday mouse for cat play. Limited Edition.

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Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Deck The Halls, Family and Friends, Peace on Earth, Winter Walk , Good Company, Dreams of Olde, Stuffed Toys

We Three Kings, Candles, Crystal Evening, Treats, Home Together, A Favorite Place

Music composed and arranged by Janet Marlow, award-winning sound behaviorist and Founder of Pet Acoustics Inc.