​​​​Ultra Calmer Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar

     Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Noise Phobias   

Clinically proven music to relieve canine stress

​For Small, Medium and Large Dogs

A solution for pet owners to help calm their dogs that suffer from acute anxiety triggered by thunderstorms and noise stress. Use Ultra Calmer confidently to calm your dog’s agitated behaviors within minutes.  

Why it works: Dogs hear twice as much as we do so hearing sensitivities are a major part of a dog’s life. The collar device is centered between the dog’s ears which focuses their acute hearing on the calming music, masking the agitating sounds, diminishing anxiety. Easy click on for immediate effects during a thunderstorm, fireworks, walking on the street, at the vet, in the car. 

  Small   9"-13"

  Medium   12"-18"

  Large   16"-25"     
Each collar is 3/4" W

- Pre-loaded Music
- Water resistant
 - 3 hour battery charge
- USB magnetic charger included
- Continuous play
- Up/ Down SafeVolume© Control
- On/Off button

​Ultra Calmer $69.95
Janet Marlow,Founder and Sound Behaviorist of Pet Acoustics innovated the Ultra Calmer for the solution for pet owners to help the heartbreaking stress behaviors that dogs experience triggered by acute sounds. The Ultra Calmer is a natural and easy click of a collar to calm canine noise stress.

                                               What is the difference between the Ultra Calmer and Pet Tunes?    

The Ultra Calmer has a completely different design of music than Pet Tunes. Though both units calm canine anxious behaviors, the Ultra Calmer is to be used as an immediate relief source using specific music tones near in close proximity to your dog's ears. Their acute hearing during thunderstorms or triggered noise phobias will be detoured and masked using Ultra Calmer. Pet Tunes is designed for more ambient disbursement of modified sounds to calm your dog and sustain a sense of well-being. The Ultra Calmer will play continuously for up to three hours.

Pet Tunes' music is also enjoyed by people but Ultra Calmer is made just for canine responses. Ultra Calmer is also modified with our Safe Volume© design. This means that humans will find the music very low in volume but this level is just right for your dog. Another difference to Pet Tunes is the close proximity to your dog's ears which diffuses intensity of the agitating sounds. 

                                The Ultra Calmer is Pet Tunesextreme for quick results  for the noise-phobic dog!.

                                                  A natural and easy way to address canine noise phobias.

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​​                                                        Ultra Calmer FAQ and Customer reviews

Is there a maximum period that a dog can wear it for? Example if a dog has separation anxiety when the owner goes to work, can the dog wear it for 10 hrs while the owner is at home and the dog is home alone?
​The Ultra Calmer is designed to be powered for (3) hours. This is because the UC is so effective that it should only take up to 15 minutes for the dog to curl up and release stress. This has been tested and the results are repeatable and measureable.  So the UC only has a (3) hour battery charge. Our other product, Pet Tunes is used in tandem for all day behavior balance and can play 24/7. These two products work well together for a dog's best life.

Will there come a time when the dog becomes immune to the Ultra Calmer and that it no longer works?
No. Dogs hearing response is consistent. They do not need variety like we do. The same music will trigger the same stress release.

Can it be used on a calm dog with no issues? Like a nice calm dog and the owner just wants it to enjoy the music and feel more relaxed?
​Absolutely. The music has a profound effect of relaxation on any dog. ​

Can the Ultra Calmer be worn TOGETHER with the Thunder shirt or must it be just either one? If worn together, any side / negative effects?
​The ​ Ultra Calmer has been designed to work on its own as during thunderstorms the issue is sound.  We've tested the Ultra Calmer on many dogs without a Thundershirt to perfect response. It is up to the owner as they know their dog's response to the fuss of putting on a Thundershirt to the ease of snapping on the collar with the music playing.

Can the Ultra Calmer be used with essential oils?

​Yes. We don't see an issue with addressing a second sense for calm.​

After putting the Ultra Calmer on the dog, how long does it take, on the average, before it takes effect?  
The UC should take effect within a few minutes. On the dogs we've tested in on it was approximately 1-2 minutes.

Does it work on cats or do you have a separate cat series?  
The UC should not be put on a cat.

Does it need a first charge of 8 hours like when you buy a new mobile phone?  
The UC comes with a bit of charge.  Charge for 2.5 hours for  3 hours of play.

How long does it charge for full battery life? How do you know the battery is fully charged?
There will be no light when it is fully charged. See instructions.

Is there a difference if it is worn on the back of neck or under neck (like if it moves and collar is loose?)
The Ultra Calmer is designed only to be worn on the back of the neck in between the ears to work. So I would make sure the collar is tight enough to be adjusted to each dog's neck to stay fitted.

Ultra Calmer Customer Reviews:
"We just put the soothing collar on Anna because she was upset about the thunder. She is instantly calmed by the music. Thank you for your help!"

"This works so well that I have two in case one needs to be recharged and Winston is still needing the comfort he gets from the collar. I am delighted with the results"

" I LOVE it.  I've put one on all three dogs at different times and my Boozle, the most curmudgeonly of the bunch turns into a playful puppy.  I credit the collar alone with his change of mood."  

"The military base is practicing bombing again today, so the thuds and ground shaking doesn't stop. Flair, is wearing her Ultra Calmer. She is coping in one place rather than running around the house searching for a safe place.  Lying down is significantly better!  I'm grateful for this product! "
"Though I'm a veterinarian, my dog "Sophie" suffers from anxiety during thunderstorms. The usual behavior of panting, pacing and anxiousness. With the Ultra Calmer she goes to her bed and rests and no longer feels anxious. Thank you Pet Acoustics!"

"As a dog trainer, I am always looking for tools to help each case of noise phobia, aggression and anxious behaviors that I need to help. I've been working with the Ultra Calmer on some of my most difficult training situations but I have to say the results have been amazing. I can see multiple ways to help dogs with this great new product."
"The collar has really helped my noise phobic Husky from the usual whining and needing attention from sounds going on all day. I was even able to do the laundry and get things done. Thank you for your product."  

"The Ultra Calmer is a great tool to add to any families solutions for noise related behaviors. Our favorite part about the Ultra Calmer is the gentle sensitive affordable approach to helping families feel good about a positive solution for their pets."

Finally, something that works!!
"The first day I left the Ultra Calmer on my 14 1/2 year old Jack Russell, I returned to find him sleeping comfortably. He has suffered from separation anxiety as he has aged and I've tried A LOT of calming treats. Usually, I come home to a distraught, howling dog with poop on the floor. NOT TODAY...YAY! The music played for over four hours too! I'm so happy I've found something that really works without using strong medicines and doesn't need costly refills. Obviously, my dog is happy too!"
"I have been wanting to email you and tell you how wonderful the ultra calmer collar is. It has worked wonders for Roxie with storms, we had tried everything (drugs etc...) and this is the only thing that has worked. So a big thank you."

"A friend loaned me one of your ultra calmer collars. Boomer & I are grateful. We live in the country and have a propane air cannon going off in an orchard, all night long.....since December! With your collar my dog goes from being a shaking mess, to calm and lays down on his bed ,which is below a window that rattles with the blasts. Very impressed !! I will be using Pet Tunes next. Thank you for your help in letting us use this fantastic tool for dogs! Your collar truly has worked !"