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Fact: The most common anxiety or fear issues among dogs in the US are the following: Fear of Noise or Noise Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Reactivity towards people and/or dogs,  General Anxiety, Travel Anxiety. 17% of owners with dogs suffering from anxiety issues have spent over 80 hours of their time trying to manage those issues. 10% of owners with dogs suffering from anxiety issues have spent an average of $1,170 on those issues. Over $560 on damaged property. Over $675 on veterinarian visits. Over $275 on medications. 

"My favorite product as a pet parent, I recommend it to everyone"  

 Anti-Anxiety Solution for Dogs

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        Stress-Reducing Music for Behavioral Balance

Specie-Specific Innovative Products Scientifically designed to Solve Pet Stress


Through our breakthrough research on how sounds trigger animal behaviors, Pet Acoustics' innovative products have helped thousands of pets and pet owners worldwide to help modify stress induced behaviors. Our products are clinically tested and approved by veterinarians. Since 2009, Pet Acoustics has become a trusted brand in the pet wellness market.