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                                                   Our new product solution for dog anxiety

The ULTRA CALMER- Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar is a tool for pet owners to calm anxious canine behaviors within minutes!  Dogs that suffer from acute anxiety triggered by sounds can find relief during thunderstorms, fireworks and for noise phobias. Ultra Calmer is pre-loaded with frequency-modified Ultra Calming music, created specially for dog hearing.  The Ultra Calmer comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large Available on   Contact us for Retail and Wholesale  

​​​Through our breakthrough research on how sound effects animals, Pet Acoustics' innovative products have helped thousands of pets and pet owners worldwide to help modify stress induced behaviors. Our products are clinically tested and approved by veterinarians. Since 2009, Pet Acoustics has become a trusted brand in the pet wellness market.




​​"I am a certified canine behaviorist and have been training dogs over 10 years. There are many products available that use psychoacoustic music to help to relax our pets. This is, by far, is my "go-to" choice as the results are impressive."

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