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Safe & Sound Series

Safe & Sound Tunnel

How does Safe & Sound Tunnel help my cat?

Cats hear three times more than we do so home life is all about moving towards and away from sound. Vibrations and frequencies trigger cats to run and hide. Safe & Sound Tunnel uses an environmental noise-control material that creates a comfortable sonic safety zone for cats to use as a concealment and place to release stress.

How do I clean the Safe & Sound Tunnel?

The Safe & Sounds Tunnel is easy to clean. The smooth outside material can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The inside microsuede can also be wiped down with a damp cloth and a bit of soap and water will lift most new blemishes. Tougher spots may require the use of mild detergents or a simple baking soda and vinegar mixture. Experts do not recommend stain solutions be left on the fabric for longer than a few minutes.

Safe & Sound Crate Liner

Why is it better than a blanket or bed inside of a cat crate?

The Safe & Sound Crate Liner is made from durable military grade sound-absorbing material which diminishes vibrations and vehicle noises to diminish motion sickness for feline travel, especially for car and plane travel.

Does the liner prevent my cat from getting motion sickness?

Yes. Tested and trialed, the Safe & Sound Crate Liner provides two layers of vibration-reducing and sound-absorbing material to diminish motion. This creates a comfortable surface that helps prevent motion sickness. These same materials are used in schools, planes and cars for the same effect for people.

How do I clean the Safe & Sound Crate Liner?

The Safe & Sound Crate Liner is easy to clean. It’s made from waterproof canvas that can be wiped clean with a cloth. Liquid will run off the material. If intense cleaning is needed, mix some drops of gentle liquid dish detergent in warm water. Work the water into the canvas with a soft brush, pat with a damp cloth and allow to completely dry.

Safe & Sound Pet Bed

What makes this pet bed different?

Dogs and Cats feel vibrations from the floor as well sounds that are invisible to the human ear. The inside materials of the Safe & Sound Pet bed is filled with sound absorbing material to provide a sonic safety barrier around your cat or dog. The soft microsuede material and firm feel will appeal to your pet’s sense of safety and coziness.

Is it big enough for my dog?

The Safe & Sounds Pet Bed measures 20×24 in (51×61cm), suitable for small dogs (Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua).

What is the bed made from?

The inside of the Safe & Sound Pet Bed is made with durable military grade noise-barrier materials that minimizes floor vibrations and frequencies. The outside material is made with microsuede, known to be an unappealing material for cats to scratch at.

What is the side pocket for?

The pocket on the side of the pet bed is designed to insert Pet Tunes Feline Bluetooth speaker Pet Tunes Canine to play calming music for your pet. Pet Tunes is an accessory product sold separately by Pet Acoustics.

How do I clean the Safe & Sound Pet Bed?

Microsuede can be wiped down with a damp cloth and a bit of soap and water will lift most new blemishes. Tougher spots may require the use of mild detergents to rub in gently. Experts do not recommend stain solutions be left on the fabric for longer than a few minutes. Do not machine wash.

Ultra Calmer

Is there a maximum period that a dog can wear it for?

Place your answer to the question here. The Ultra Calmer is designed to be powered for (3) hours. This is because Ultra Calmer is so effective that it should only take 1–10 minutes for your dog to curl up and release stress. This has been tested and the results are repeatable and measureable. Using the Ultra Calmer for longer than the (3) hour battery charge is not recommended.

Will there come a time when the dog becomes immune to the Ultra Calmer and thus it no longer works?

No. They do not need variety like humans do. The same music will trigger the same stress release response each time your dog listens to Ultra Calmer music.

My dog is already calm. Will it still work?

Absolutely. The music has the effect of relaxation a dog into a deeper state of relaxation.

Can the Ultra Calmer be worn with other products (such as wraps or vests)?

The Ultra Calmer is noninvasive and designed to work on its own with repeatable and measureable results. We are not responsible for other products used for the desired results.

After putting the Ultra Calmer on my dog, how long before it takes effect?

Our studies show Ultra Calmer calms dogs within 1–10 minutes.

Does it work on cats or do you have a separate cat series?

We offer separate species-specific products for cats to resolve noise-induced stress. However, the Ultra Calmer was designer for dogs and should not be worn by a cat.

Do you need to charge it out-of-the-box?

The Ultra Calmer comes with a bit of charge. To top off the battery, charge 2½ hours for 3 hours of continuous play.

How do you charge the Ultra Calmer?

Connect the magnetic charger to the back of the device and the USB end to your computer or USB wall adapter.

How do you know the battery is fully charged?

The indicator light will turn off when the Ultra Calmer battery is fully charged. This tends to take about 2½ hours.

Should it be worn on the back of neck or under neck?

The Ultra Calmer is designed only to be worn on the back of the neck in between the ears. Adjust the collar on your dog’s neck to stay fitted, not loose.

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Pet Tunes2

How long does Pet Tunes play before it repeats?

Pet Tunes comes pre-loaded with 90 minutes of original Pet Acoustics music before it repeats.

How long does the battery last?

The lithium ion battery typically lasts up to 8 hours, wirelessly. You can also play and charge Pet Tunes 24/7 inserting the USB plug into a USB wall adaptor.

How do you charge Pet Tunes?

You can use a computer USB insert or a USB wall adaptor.

Does this come to me already charged?

Each Pet Tunes comes with a slight charge but should be charged for 2½ hours for a full battery to play wirelessly.

Can more music be added to the Micro SD card?

We advise putting your selected music on a new Micro SD card which you can exchange with the card already in the Micro SD slot at the top of the Pet Tunes unit. To remove, press the SD card in and it will pop out.

How do I put more music on it?

You can play any music through the Bluetooth® feature, or pop out the Micro SD card and add other music on a different Micro SD card.

How do you connect with Bluetooth®?

You can connect your computer, tablet or phone to the Pet Tunes speaker. Enter Bluetooth® pairing mode by holding down the play button until you hear a chirp. Now your device is ready to scan for it. Press “Pet Acoustics” to pair.

Does this come with a cord that also plugs into the wall?

Pet Tunes comes with a USB cord. You can charge the unit to play wirelessly up to 8 hours.

Can you actually hear the music?

Yes the music is audible for humans and people find the music calming too!

Does it just keep playing, or does it stop once it's done?

Pet Tunes plays continuously up to 8 hours on a full battery charge. You do not have to press any buttons to have the music play continuously.

Is the Pet Tunes speaker loud enough for a large room or kennel?

Pet Tunes volume can be set loud enough to fill a large environment.

Is it normal for there to be a delay before the music starts?

There is a 2–3 second delay and then the music will play. There will be a blue light blinking when Pet Acoustics music is playing.

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